Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tom hanks

Tom Hanks has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  He talked about it on the "David Letterman Show" last night.  Diabetes is a disease that affects how blood sugar is managed in the body.

When someone has Type II diabetes it means that your fat, liver and muscle cells do not respond well to insulin.  Insulin is a special hormone that moves blood sugar to cells so they can store energy. Cells need energy to thrive.

When blood sugar can't move into the cells, there is an extra amount of sugar in the blood which makes someone experience hyperglycemia. This can result in shock,fainting, seizures and other things to the body.

Often people who are overweight are diagnosed with Type II diabetes. After being diagnosed, one must learn how to maintain blood sugars.  They need to learn when to eat, how to test blood sugar, how to buy diabetes supplies, take medicine and take better care of their body.

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