Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Being a boss

My kids are still adjusting to the time change.  Jeff left for work at 5:45 and Jason was up. Then Laura woke up about ten minutes after.  It was actually nice having some alone time. I like the early morning sunshine. It's so much more inviting to wake up to.

After Laura left for school, Jason and I played a lot. He let me write some articles and he fell asleep for a few minutes.  When my attendant came, I had to quick get ready to teach. But unfortunately quick isn't in her vocabulary as nice as she is and I needed to be a boss.

It's not easy being a boss when someone is caring for you. However, if you don't speak up, you get taken advantage of. So it's a hard road sometimes but usually I feel better speaking up than not.

I taught today and did some cleaning too. Jason was cute as ever. He played hard and lots of giggles. When Laura came home, we had to do her homework right away. We were going out to dinner with Jeff's parents.

Jason is getting better and better at being at a restaurant. He will eat what we eat but much much smaller. He's pretty entertained by a few toys and the scenery.  He hasn't grasped the concept of throwing food and toys yet. Laura did that at his age and it wasn't pleasant..

Laura and Jason went right to bed when we came home.  I fell asleep shortly after. 

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