Blind man get kicks off a plane

We have all seen on the news about the man who is blind being kicked off the plane in Philadelphia. Why? The reason was his service dog was getting antsy a little bit. 

Albert Rizzi was asked to leave his US Airways flight because Doxy, his service dog, became restless. The plane was waiting for time to take off for a long time. Doxy didn't want to sit in a little space by Rizzi's feet.

Passengers said that Rizzi was confronted by a flight attendant who was unwilling to listen or remedy the situation. She made Rizzi and Doxy leave the plane. 

However, all the passengers decided collectively to leave as well. US Airways did provide ground transportation to the destination. 

This is remarkable to see people without disabilities rallying behind someone with one.

Five years ago, many of those passengers would have stayed and even complained. Disability awareness is finally seeping into society and hearts. Thank you.


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