Cold school mornings

Every morning I often dread waking up to take Laura to the bus. I feel jealous and even angry sometimes when I see my husband sleeping as I get up. One human flaw usually is being selfish.

However, when she leaves on her bus, I feel awful silly for my negative feelings. I feel very blessed to have spent the last 40 minutes with such a sweet, smart and funny person. I think, yes, once a week I wouldn't mind staying in bed but the rest of the week, I'd be missing out.

My heart melts when I hear her whisper carefully in a way not to wake her brother - "Good morning, Mommy." Then we talk quietly and she might tell me small details about school or friends.

She helps me buckle my seat belt and we watch a little bit of a movie on Netflix as she eats breakfast. Then at the bus stop, we review spelling words and Spanish. When the bus comes, I always tell her that I love her, do her best and I'll see her later. She flashes a big smile and waves as the bus pulls away.

Laura is such a gentle soul with wisdom beyond her years! I'm not saying tomorrow morning, I won't feel the same as I pull myself out of my warm, cozy bed. However, I know I shouldn't feel jealous of Jeff but vice versa. I get my 40 minutes with an angel. 


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