Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crossing the street

I went grocery shopping today.  The best deal I got was 3 rolls of wrapping paper for $1.50. I did good though and love my coupons.  

At the grocery store, a woman came up to me and said how she sees me and Laura cross the street for the bus stop. She worries I will get hit by a car crossing the street. The cars there are ridiculous and they don't always pay attention. It's scary.

Being in a wheelchair, you are shorter and cars don't always see you. It was nice of her to show concern.

My student came a bit later than planned. It worked out but I did feel a bit annoyed. I do like teaching very much.

We worked a lot on Jason sitting up.  We hope that he will be able to sit on his own soon or he might need a PT evaluation.  He is so on the verge of crawling. I know it is going to be anyday now.

Laura was in a good mood. She's as cute as always.

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