Election Day

My student didn't come today. He was sick. Today I did some house organization of closets and cleaning my bedroom. I washed the cover on my wheelchair seat since I knew I'd be out of my wheelchair most of the day. 

Jeff and I voted later in the afternoon. I always vote if I'm able. I feel it's an important duty that many people take for granted. When I vote, they assign a person to help me vote. The man was nice and helpful.

I talked to Laura about voting and how to vote. I wanted to take her with me but she didn't want to go. 

Afterwards, I helped Laura with her homework. She earned a 95 on her Spanish test. I was very happy. They don't waste any time though because they already sent home a new list of words and phrases for her December test.

The evening was nice.  Laura and Jason played very sweetly together. She is a very good sister.  Jason spent the day babbling and being loud. He just yells and makes noises. It's so funny when I think about Laura was talking by his age.


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