Elf on the shelf, Croods and milkshakes!

Should I get an Elf on the Shelf? Jeff thinks it's a waste of money. I think it could be fun and a nice tradition that Jason can grow up with. 

Laura is, unfortunately, on the brink of not believing in Santa. She's dropped hints and is very logical.  Thank goodness she hasn't asked me directly if there really is a Santa. Last year she saw an Elf on the Shelf in a Target magazine and right away knew it wasn't real because in her words, "mom, why would they sell an elf if it's helping Santa?"  Yep, that's when she was 6!

I like Christmas time and imagination. Laura knows the meaning of Christmas and we celebrate Jesus daily! I think imagination can fit into Christmas. I think it's fun.

Anyway, today was pretty much a typical Wednesday. I taught, cared for Jason and kept the household going. My full of surprises husband came home with Laura, dinner and the Croods.  

I loved the movie! I cried even because it's sentimental. Any stories or movies that has anything to do with families leaving each other makes me cry. Laura is very sweet to console me. The movie was very funny and a good family film.

Now I'm relaxing with a milkshake Jeff made me and watching Jason clap, smile and laugh!


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