Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just Sunday

Jeff had to leave early this morning for work. I had Laura and Jason. They were excellent.  Laura came into my bedroom full of excitement that Jason said Laura. I didn't hear it, but I'm sure she did.

I helped Laura do her homework and we cleaned a bit. Jason fell asleep when I showered and got ready.  I'll be so happy when Cassie returns so I can wear something other than sweat outfits. They are about the only thing I can put on myself. 

I also can't wait until Cassie comes back so I can teach again. I hear my kids are acting up and they miss me!

Jason had two dirty diapers.  Laura and I tagged teamed changing him. She handled the diaper and I cleaned him. At one point, I spasmed and the wipes flew! Laura became upset but she relaxed. I cleaned them up and life went on. 

My friend and her daughter came for lunch and help me with Jason. We had a great time. Jason didn't want to eat until he saw us all eating too. 

After dinner, Jeff took Laura to her swim class and my mom surprised me with a visit. We had fun. Now we are all relaxing and gearing up for Monday!

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