Sunday, November 17, 2013

November is health care and hospice month

November is home care and hospice month. In the last ten years, the need for home care and hospice has rose considerably. November is the time to remember all those individuals who have the heart and soul to provide care.

Home care is the alternative to going into a nursing facility or an institution. Employees come in to help and provide care in the comfort of their home. Without these employees, home care would not be possible.

Remember this month the people that give your friends, family members or even yourself care. Yes, they are getting paid, but they work hard everyday. Many times they go over and beyond what the job duty entails.  They often treat their clients like family.

 Simply say thank you after they perform a task and when they leave for the day. Little gifts or tokens of appreciation are very nice too. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and their work means something. 

Have a happy home care and hospice month! Spread the love!

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