Friday, November 15, 2013

Public partnerships a year later

Public Partnerships is responsible for the payroll of personal care attendants in Pennsylvania. Through an article today, it was revealed that glitches in the system costs taxpayers millions. It also caused heartache for attendants who some went months without pay.

Last year, the governor, decided to reward Public Partnerships $1 million a month to take over payroll of attendant care for physically disabled and elderly clients. Attendant care allows people to stay at home and receive the care they deserve in their own environment. 

For many attendants, the switch over was a complete nightmare. Paperwork was either lost or filed incorrectly. Phone lines were busy for days on end. Emails were never returned. Pay checks were not sent correctly.

Some attendants had to leave their positions to just get money for their families. This leaves people who are dependent on care stranded. It was a disaster.

One year later, things have improved but no where as good as it was before the take over. In several cases, it can take over a month to get an attendant on the payroll system. So that means that if an attendant quits unexpectedly, the person needing care has to hire someone else and then wait a month for Public Partnerships to file the necessary paperwork. 

Tom Corbett should have left well enough alone!

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