Rittenhouse Teddy bear tea

Are you looking for an elegant afternoon with your child? The Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia is featuring a Teddy Bear Tea until December 31 between 11:30-2. Reservations are encouraged. 

When you arrive at the luxurious Rittenhouse Hotel, signs point you to the Mary Cassatt tea room. The very polite and delightful staff will take you to your beautiful table. The child will be excited to see their stuffed teddy bear. The teddy bear is theirs to keep.

The table is elegantly laid out with white china. The staff will swiftly offer you a choice of water and champagne for the adults. Children are offered delicious hot chocolate. 

The choice of tea is wonderful. I recommend the tea called the Duchess First Love. To me, it tastes like Christmas in a cup. If you love tea, you will love all of the selections.

After the tea is selected, you will receive bite size lunch Heaven. The children will receive more child directed food. Everything was absolutely delicious complete with pumpkin bread and scones. The chicken salad and beef tatar were scrumptious.

The staff was marvelous.  They filled your tea and water almost instantly. They did everything possible to make you feel comfortable and as if you were royalty.

Dessert didn't disappoint and had variety for everyone. Mostly everything was bite size and made your taste buds rejoice. The children also had teddy bear cookies.

At the end, the children were read to in a cozy library setting. It was the perfect ending to an enjoyable afternoon. We left with smiles, full bellies and everlasting memories.

To make reservations, call 215-790-2533. Visit the web site at www.rittenhouse.com. The cost is $60 per adult and $30 per child.


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