Skateboarding in a wheelchair

For some, just jumping a curb in a wheelchair can be terrifying. Imagine using your wheelchair like a skateboard. For Jonathan Stark from Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, this is an everyday occurrence. And so is falling since he falls about five to ten times a day!

Jonathan used to be an avid BMX bike rider and heavy into using his skateboard. However, when he was only 18, he had a severe car accident. The accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. 

He went on to graduate high school. Jonathan also never gave up his desire to skateboard. He decided to use his wheelchair like a skateboard. He does all kinds of spins, twists, and moves that many people who use wheelchairs would cringe about.  

Jonathan is now 23 and recently spoke at a film festival about a film of a runner who is blind. The movie is called' "The Straight Line."

Jonathan competes avidly with his wheelchair. It is a growing sport with some competitions worth $10,000 to the winner. Jonathan admits he has broken his ribs, feet and lots of bruises. But it's all worth it to follow his dreams!


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