The power of a toy

Some people have a difficult time understanding the importance of toys. Toys aren't there just to spoil a child. Children shouldn't get exactly what they want when they want if either. However, toys help children learn,  develop,  and learn. 

Think about your own childhood. Certain toys must come into mind. I had several baby dolls and that certainty helped nurture my wanting to be a mother. Toys often get kids from point A to point B independently,  mentally and emotionally. 

I enjoy seeing children grow with the toy.  The biggest mistake that I did with toys was donating them too quickly as my daughter grew.  She could still play with them but just differently. Her imagination grows and is inspired. 

As we enter the Christmas and holiday season,  pick toys wisely.  Do not underestimate the power of a stuffed bear,  toy car or Lego set.  To you,  it might be a waste of money,  but to a child it's learning,  maturing and comforting. 


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