Turkey crafts

Just about everyday in November,  I will feature a Thanksgiving or Christmas craft,  recipe or activity.  Please join the newsletter so you will always stay informed.  It is simple to join and you will be notified of new articles. 

Thanksgiving craft - Get an orange piece of construction paper and some brown paint.  Paint the palm of your child's hand.  Have them place it on the paper.  You have the body of the turkey and its feathers. Feel free to paint around it and decorate an entire scene.  Be as creative as possible. 

Turkey hand - Outline the child's hand on brown construction paper.  Use different color construction paper for each finger and have them write what they are thankful for on each feather. 

Pine cones turkey - Use a pine cone and put an outline of their hand in the pine cone. The pine cone is the body of the turkey and the hand are its feathers. Glue googly eyes on the turkey. 


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