Thursday, November 7, 2013


This week has been interesting but going well. On Saturday, we took the children to the pumpkin fest in Phoenixville. We decided to walk since it was a nice day. The walk always seems closer than what it is.  We made it though and had some fun. They had rolling pumpkins, art stations,  bounce house and free cotton candy. 

As we walked home, I had a craving for Chinese food. So we ordered some after we came home. Jeff and I were tired from dancing the night before. We rested and ate dinner. Then we helped Laura study Spanish. We all crowded in our bed for a show before going to sleep. 

The next day, Jeff had to work from 9-11.  No big deal to handle but then he called asking if he could work until 3!  Ugh.   Laura and I worked together taking care of Jason. We did pretty good. 

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