Monday, November 11, 2013

You won't break me..

My attendant who had been off for a month due to a work related injury was returning today. I felt very excited because we have a good working relationship and I thought all would return to normal.

Jeff had to leave for work early so I had the kids since 6am. They were both wonderful. It's a lot of work but as far as babies go, mine is terrific.

When 8:30 came, I was anticipating my attendant to be at the door. Nothing. I gave it ten more minutes and no one came. My heart sank. I'm not sure how she could do this to me but she did. She never returned my texts or calls.

I'm very fortunate that my sister could help and Grace could come. How this person couldn't inform me she wasn't coming in knowing my situation is just too painful to think about. It's evil and cold.

The thing that hurts the most was that I asked her during the month if she was coming back. She said yes and told me how much she loved the job. On Friday, she excitedly told me she was coming back Monday.

Of course, I worried about if she was safe and okay. But then I saw she read all my messages just fine and just ignored them.

So yes I feel completely betrayed and used. I'm stunned anyone could do that. She could've easily texted me and said she decided to quit. But no she took the mean coward approach.

Now I have another notch to make me stronger. People may want to hurt me, bring me down, lie and ignore me. But what they don't know is my spirit will not break..


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