Good bye December

December is almost gone. It has been a very good month all things considered. December is probably my favorite month because it involves many of my favorites:  shopping, decorating, cleaning, wrapping, family and all kinds of busy.

Jason turned ten months on December 20. He has grown and developed in many ways. He can now sit up on his own, crawling all over, sleeping through the night, has great fine motor skills and has the best sense of humor. Jason has two bottom teeth.

Laura has excellent grades in school. She has the most interesting outlooks and is adorable in every way. Laura is reading at a third grade level pushing fourth. She knows more Spanish than I did as a freshman in high school. 

I've been perspective about my career. I am focusing my attention on teaching, my children.  As far as writing, I'm downsizing at the Examiner. The pay is ridiculous for the energy to research and write. I'm going to keep my blogs, web site job, slowly write my book and get my new web site going.

I'm also going to continue playing hockey and doing public speaking. 


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