Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa Claus

We took Jason and Laura to see Santa on Wednesday to see Santa. It was Jason’s first time. Laura didn’t go at 3 months but every year after.

After teaching, Jason and I went with Jeff to pick up Laura and headed to the mall. We wanted to avoid crowds, and we did. Both kids fell asleep on the way.

When we arrived, we had Laura change into her Christmas dress. She looked great! Her grandmother got it for her.

When in the bathroom getting  Laura ready, I received a call that my new power chair could be delivered on Tuesday! It’s hard to describe how I felt other than like I was 5 and it’s Christmas Eve.

When we arrived to the Santa area, he came to me. I believe he thought I was there to see him. I was polite and how can you not be nice to Santa?

At first, Jason was cool with Santa. He was into the ball of the on his hat. But then he took a better look and realized another person was holding him. He started crying but we tried the best to keep him happy and snap a picture!

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