Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Purpose and Love of Marriage

I'm in process of reading the book called, "The Purpose and Love of Marriage." It was a free download on Kindle yesterday. I'm always interested in outlooks on marriage.

So far I really like the book and it's forcing me to look at my marriage in a new way. One thing I really like is how it validates the importance of marriage in a day where divorce and living together is the norm.  Marriage is vital.

Too many times, we miss direct our personal feelings to our marriage. Marriage is it's own separate identity. It's what we make it and feed into it. We can feel hurt for a moment but it doesn't mean the marriage is in horrible condition.

Media wants to tear marriage down by always showing adultery, divorce, flirtatious behavior, living together etc.  It makes me wonder why. Along with parenting, marriage is one of the hardest jobs we love. Married couples need support. Not a mockery of marriage everywhere you turn.

I also like the visualization that marriage is the slow formation of a diamond. Two people joining, solving problems, growing together, changing rubbing to make a beautiful diamond in the end.

Anyway, I recommend this book so far!


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