Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm still here

I'm still blogging. Get ready for some exciting blogs upon my return this weekend!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm a mom of two children

Seriously, I am blessed. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing I have two children.  When I had Laura, people were astonished. My CP is considered severe even though I never looked at it that way. I just felt this is the way it is and I have a whole lot of living to do.

As I look around my living room right now, I see an 11 month old boy pushing toys all around the room. He's making happy sounds. I look at my daughter cozy watching Little Mermaid making adorable expressions. I'm blessed. 

Jason doesn't even go after the animals. He's just satisfied following and playing toys. He comes up to me and snuggles in my lap. 

I do not do this alone. Jeff is amazing with Jason. He's very gentle and likes to play with him. We make a good team. I'm happy, busy and have two children 

10 things to do on a snow day

If you have kids, you probably don't want them watching tv or on electronics all day. Here are ten ideas to do with your children on a snow day!

1. Make hot chocolate and draw or color until the heart is content.

2. Get out any craft, toy, leggo or projects that you keep telling them you'll do on another day. Today is the day!

3. Play as many board or card games as you can stand!  Be prepared for laughter.

4. Snuggle in bed with books. Read to each other and make up your own stories.

5. Cook! Cooking is great when you do it together. Learn a new recipe.

6. Bake. Nothing like baking after eating a delicious meal.

7. Get old shirts and let them do art on their tshirts.

8. Play out in the snow and enjoy. If you can't go out with them, watch them. Have them describe how it feels, plays like etc. 

 9. Scrapbook together. Enjoy looking at pictures and talking about memories.

10. Build a fort and talk, play, read and eat!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's about the fun

I'm so happy Jeff and I sent Laura to Renaissance Academy charter school.  She has excelled and is a social butterfly. She's learning subjects that I didn't touch until third grade.

Friday her school held a pizza bingo fundraiser. I invited my dad to take us so Jeff could stay with Jason. I knew Jason couldn't handle a two hour bingo event. My dad was happy to go. My nephew went too.

We had a great time. I love Laura for thousands of reasons but one stood out Friday. She takes joy in others being happy. She didn't care who wins.  She clapped and had a genuine look of happiness for whoever won. 

Whenever we play a game, I have her shake hands after a game and say good game.  This was hard for her when she was young but she learned over time.

Winning is fun but it's not what it's all about. The event was successful thanks to the volunteers. Thanks!  By the way, Laura won a frog!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jason at 10 months

Amazing month for Jason!  In a month,  Jason has turned from a baby to almost a toddler. He is changing daily and we are the lucky one to see him growing. 

Within thirty days, Jason has learned to sit up independently, go from laying down to sitting, crawling forwards and backward and now something astonishing. He can pull up and stand! 

I absolutely love that he can crawl to all of his toys. He plays pretty well on his own. He likes the Jumperoo and the excersaucer less now because he rather crawl. 

I go crazy when Jason crawls over to me and nuzzles his head into my lap.  Today I asked for a kiss.  He grabbed my cheeks with his tiny soft hands and kissed me.  So adorable!  He will also stand close to me and I try to stay still.

He tries to stand wherever he goes.  Jason smiles and laughs.  He also dances by moving his body side by side. He also has a head tilt move that melts my heart. 

I love my son amazingly much. Jason will soon be 11 months. As much as I love seeing him grow, I'll miss my baby! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Edwin McCain and the Badlees at Ardmore Music Hall

A few weeks ago, Jeff asked me if I'd like to go to a concert with him. The Badlees and Edwin McCain were playing at the Ardmore Music Hall. I said if we can get a babysitter,  of course I would go. 

Our friend said she could baby-sit which was amazing considering it would be a very late night for a week night. 

This past Wednesday we went. We were very excited. The last concert we went to was Rascal Flatts in 2011.  I enjoyed buying a new outfit for the occasion. As many parents know, when having children, your budget for your clothes decreases quite a bit!  

The Ardmore Music Hall used to be a place called Brownies. It was a bar and dance club.  Jeff and I went a few times.  We had some interesting experiences back then, but I'll save that for another day. 

We were smart and went early. The venue did not have assigned seating so we weren't sure what to expect especially with accessibility. We found a seat for Jeff right at the bar and I could sit next to him. We were only a few feet from the side of the stage. 

Jeff had told me that he really liked the Badlees. He and his best friend saw them at Hershey Park many years ago. I never really listened to them. He  played me a few songs so I would be familiar. One I liked a lot so I knew it wasn't going to be terrible. 

Edwin McCain was the main act. Him I knew I liked. He sings the song, "I'll Be."  I couldn't wait to hear that!  

When looking around at the audience, we knew we were older than we like to believe (at least me anyway. ) Just about everyone looked our age and older.  We also weren't carded. But I still feel young! 

The opening act was some woman named Malory something. She played country music and was ok. She was young and it showed. It made me laugh how she complained about a cheating ex boyfriend, claimed she was over it but all she did was sing whiney songs about him and the woman. 

Then finally Jeff's band played. I think Jeff was their biggest fan in attendance. He knew every word. I was pleased because the first song that they played was the song I enjoyed the most. 

They did wonderful but too short. For such a set up,  they only played about 4 songs. We wished they nixed the Malory person and had them play longer. But Jeff was thrilled so that is what mattered. 

Edwin McCain came next. He is really funny.  I can see why he is such a good song writer by how he tells his stories. As he tells them, you can visualize it happening. I liked his songs and voice. He sang lots about love and the love for his children. 

When he sang "I'll Be," it felt like I just heard it for the first time. The words are beautiful and how awesome would it be if everyone had somebody who felt that way about them?  Pretty terrific. 

Needless to say, we had a great time. The accessibility was good and music sounded nice.  I highly recommend it. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Apple, treat me normal, please

It's absolutely frustrating dealing with some people when you have a speech impairment or in a wheelchair. I had to take my iPad to the Apple store today due to an equally frustrating situation.  It wasn't a welcome trip to my already busy day.

I did laugh at myself though. I was complaining in my head that I had to go to the Apple store.  It's only a 15-20min drive. I know people who are three hours or more from an Apple Store.  

Anyway, so I went into the store. My personal care attendant was with me but looking at iPhones.  I talked to the first customer service guy and at first,he treated me normal. I spoke clear and he seemed to get it.  Then my attendant came over and immediately he changed!

He started looking at her when speaking and ignoring me. Then he actually asked her if she was my mom! Yes, annoying!

I only had to deal with him a little bit. The other two guys were much more attentive and normal. The other guy came back later when done and tried to be nice and seemed normal.  Too late, buddy.

Every minority has discrimination but I seriously think people with disabilities get extra. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crazy parking and a cute boy

Jason is an easy going guy. We decided to get out of the hour and go to the mall. Jason likes to go places! He just doesn't like getting his jacket on!

At the mall, he takes everything in. Jason's rarely fussy unless tired or hungry.  He stayed up awhile which surprised me because he missed his morning nap.  He took a 40min snooze as we browsed. I got some cute clothes for 80 percent off at Old Navy.

We saw triplets today - probably one or so.  They were in a pull along train wagon contraption. It looked so cute some man asked to take a picture.

When we came out to leave, someone parked illegally blocking the ramp to the parking lot.  Luckily Jeff could help me down.  But seriously how rude could that be?  I need to have pre made letters for cars that are parked so rudely.

After Jason's nap at home, I came out from working on my computer when he was in his high chair.  He just started laughing and dancing in his seat. What a welcome!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day

For a week I've been hearing about this major snowstorm. Unless I have no where to go and it melts right away, I do not like snow. It's cold and makes my ramp very slippery. My favorite thing about it is its quiet falling and how pretty the trees look.

Snow began falling around 6pm last night.  I'm off teaching every Friday so my student wasn't affected. I went to college at Edinboro University, right in the middle of a snow belt. I'm no stranger to it but I'm not a fan.  

Laura's school canceled classes around 8:45. Jeff turned her alarm off and she was fast asleep. Even though I was thrilled to sleep in and spend time with my daughter, I felt annoyed because she was getting bored here over break.

Her alarm goes off at 6:40 but not today. At 7:20, I heard a little knock on my door. I welcomed her in and gave her the news. She had an enormous smile across her cute petite face.  

We played and made some art until Jeff bought Jason out. She was happy to play with her brother. They are 6.5 years apart but have a remarkable bond.  Jeff did snow removal.

My aide made it in and it was a nice cozy day.  Within my twelve years having attendants, snow meant call outs.  I'm lucky to have aides very close and reliable. Unfortunately, CP doesn't stop for snow. But of course we don't want anyone getting hurt coming in. It's a double edge sword.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

How faithful are you?

 Faithfulness is more than being committed to someone.  It seems so basic but until recently, I'm understanding more the meaning of being faithful. Faith is believing even without seeing.  Faithfulness is acting on it. 

Most people, I'd like to believe, are committed to their spouse.  But are they faithful?  Faithful is putting them first before all else. Faithfulness is speaking about your spouse positively to everyone. Setting time for them and only them.  Decisions are made together. Making them happy and comfortable is priority. 

Being faithful in all ways.  When someone is in a faithful relationship, trust is abundant because you feel safe and loved.  You know that they aren't out looking for sexual gratification somewhere else.  They are there for you and vice versa. 

A faithful person doesn't justify angry outbursts or cursing.  Anyone that says that they can't control the outbursts need professional help.  One can control how they act or just go away from the situation to work it through. 

A faithful person will also support someone through their hard times and good times. Flexibility is needed because life changes constantly. Unless abusive,  a faithful person doesn't run because something changes or perspective changes. We all need to adjust and develop. 

If you want someone to have faith in you ask yourself if you are a faithful person? 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tablets and dog food

Hello January!  Jason has made another milestone today. He can now go from sitting to crawling to sitting again.  These baby milestones are terrific and a blessing to watch. He always looks at you with a proud look. He's also likes crawling into the kitchen to find the dog food.  When he's in there, he also likes to babble to hear himself babble.

Laura returns to school tomorrow. It's bittersweet because I hate to see her go. Selfishly, I hate the thought of getting into my chair and entering the cold air. However, I know mentally she's ready to get back into learning.

I told Laura not to brag about getting an iPad because some kids aren't as fortunate. Also, no one likes a constant bragger.  She said, "Don't worry, mom. I don't brag and most everyone has tablets!" I said when I was your age, I had a tablet of paper and crayons.  She just shook her head.

How society views people who have cerebral palsy

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