10 things to do on a snow day

If you have kids, you probably don't want them watching tv or on electronics all day. Here are ten ideas to do with your children on a snow day!

1. Make hot chocolate and draw or color until the heart is content.

2. Get out any craft, toy, leggo or projects that you keep telling them you'll do on another day. Today is the day!

3. Play as many board or card games as you can stand!  Be prepared for laughter.

4. Snuggle in bed with books. Read to each other and make up your own stories.

5. Cook! Cooking is great when you do it together. Learn a new recipe.

6. Bake. Nothing like baking after eating a delicious meal.

7. Get old shirts and let them do art on their tshirts.

8. Play out in the snow and enjoy. If you can't go out with them, watch them. Have them describe how it feels, plays like etc. 

 9. Scrapbook together. Enjoy looking at pictures and talking about memories.

10. Build a fort and talk, play, read and eat!


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