Apple, treat me normal, please

It's absolutely frustrating dealing with some people when you have a speech impairment or in a wheelchair. I had to take my iPad to the Apple store today due to an equally frustrating situation.  It wasn't a welcome trip to my already busy day.

I did laugh at myself though. I was complaining in my head that I had to go to the Apple store.  It's only a 15-20min drive. I know people who are three hours or more from an Apple Store.  

Anyway, so I went into the store. My personal care attendant was with me but looking at iPhones.  I talked to the first customer service guy and at first,he treated me normal. I spoke clear and he seemed to get it.  Then my attendant came over and immediately he changed!

He started looking at her when speaking and ignoring me. Then he actually asked her if she was my mom! Yes, annoying!

I only had to deal with him a little bit. The other two guys were much more attentive and normal. The other guy came back later when done and tried to be nice and seemed normal.  Too late, buddy.

Every minority has discrimination but I seriously think people with disabilities get extra. 


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