Crazy parking and a cute boy

Jason is an easy going guy. We decided to get out of the hour and go to the mall. Jason likes to go places! He just doesn't like getting his jacket on!

At the mall, he takes everything in. Jason's rarely fussy unless tired or hungry.  He stayed up awhile which surprised me because he missed his morning nap.  He took a 40min snooze as we browsed. I got some cute clothes for 80 percent off at Old Navy.

We saw triplets today - probably one or so.  They were in a pull along train wagon contraption. It looked so cute some man asked to take a picture.

When we came out to leave, someone parked illegally blocking the ramp to the parking lot.  Luckily Jeff could help me down.  But seriously how rude could that be?  I need to have pre made letters for cars that are parked so rudely.

After Jason's nap at home, I came out from working on my computer when he was in his high chair.  He just started laughing and dancing in his seat. What a welcome!


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