Edwin McCain and the Badlees at Ardmore Music Hall

A few weeks ago, Jeff asked me if I'd like to go to a concert with him. The Badlees and Edwin McCain were playing at the Ardmore Music Hall. I said if we can get a babysitter,  of course I would go. 

Our friend said she could baby-sit which was amazing considering it would be a very late night for a week night. 

This past Wednesday we went. We were very excited. The last concert we went to was Rascal Flatts in 2011.  I enjoyed buying a new outfit for the occasion. As many parents know, when having children, your budget for your clothes decreases quite a bit!  

The Ardmore Music Hall used to be a place called Brownies. It was a bar and dance club.  Jeff and I went a few times.  We had some interesting experiences back then, but I'll save that for another day. 

We were smart and went early. The venue did not have assigned seating so we weren't sure what to expect especially with accessibility. We found a seat for Jeff right at the bar and I could sit next to him. We were only a few feet from the side of the stage. 

Jeff had told me that he really liked the Badlees. He and his best friend saw them at Hershey Park many years ago. I never really listened to them. He  played me a few songs so I would be familiar. One I liked a lot so I knew it wasn't going to be terrible. 

Edwin McCain was the main act. Him I knew I liked. He sings the song, "I'll Be."  I couldn't wait to hear that!  

When looking around at the audience, we knew we were older than we like to believe (at least me anyway. ) Just about everyone looked our age and older.  We also weren't carded. But I still feel young! 

The opening act was some woman named Malory something. She played country music and was ok. She was young and it showed. It made me laugh how she complained about a cheating ex boyfriend, claimed she was over it but all she did was sing whiney songs about him and the woman. 

Then finally Jeff's band played. I think Jeff was their biggest fan in attendance. He knew every word. I was pleased because the first song that they played was the song I enjoyed the most. 

They did wonderful but too short. For such a set up,  they only played about 4 songs. We wished they nixed the Malory person and had them play longer. But Jeff was thrilled so that is what mattered. 

Edwin McCain came next. He is really funny.  I can see why he is such a good song writer by how he tells his stories. As he tells them, you can visualize it happening. I liked his songs and voice. He sang lots about love and the love for his children. 

When he sang "I'll Be," it felt like I just heard it for the first time. The words are beautiful and how awesome would it be if everyone had somebody who felt that way about them?  Pretty terrific. 

Needless to say, we had a great time. The accessibility was good and music sounded nice.  I highly recommend it. 


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