Thursday, January 2, 2014

How faithful are you?

 Faithfulness is more than being committed to someone.  It seems so basic but until recently, I'm understanding more the meaning of being faithful. Faith is believing even without seeing.  Faithfulness is acting on it. 

Most people, I'd like to believe, are committed to their spouse.  But are they faithful?  Faithful is putting them first before all else. Faithfulness is speaking about your spouse positively to everyone. Setting time for them and only them.  Decisions are made together. Making them happy and comfortable is priority. 

Being faithful in all ways.  When someone is in a faithful relationship, trust is abundant because you feel safe and loved.  You know that they aren't out looking for sexual gratification somewhere else.  They are there for you and vice versa. 

A faithful person doesn't justify angry outbursts or cursing.  Anyone that says that they can't control the outbursts need professional help.  One can control how they act or just go away from the situation to work it through. 

A faithful person will also support someone through their hard times and good times. Flexibility is needed because life changes constantly. Unless abusive,  a faithful person doesn't run because something changes or perspective changes. We all need to adjust and develop. 

If you want someone to have faith in you ask yourself if you are a faithful person? 

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