It's about the fun

I'm so happy Jeff and I sent Laura to Renaissance Academy charter school.  She has excelled and is a social butterfly. She's learning subjects that I didn't touch until third grade.

Friday her school held a pizza bingo fundraiser. I invited my dad to take us so Jeff could stay with Jason. I knew Jason couldn't handle a two hour bingo event. My dad was happy to go. My nephew went too.

We had a great time. I love Laura for thousands of reasons but one stood out Friday. She takes joy in others being happy. She didn't care who wins.  She clapped and had a genuine look of happiness for whoever won. 

Whenever we play a game, I have her shake hands after a game and say good game.  This was hard for her when she was young but she learned over time.

Winning is fun but it's not what it's all about. The event was successful thanks to the volunteers. Thanks!  By the way, Laura won a frog!


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