Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jason at 10 months

Amazing month for Jason!  In a month,  Jason has turned from a baby to almost a toddler. He is changing daily and we are the lucky one to see him growing. 

Within thirty days, Jason has learned to sit up independently, go from laying down to sitting, crawling forwards and backward and now something astonishing. He can pull up and stand! 

I absolutely love that he can crawl to all of his toys. He plays pretty well on his own. He likes the Jumperoo and the excersaucer less now because he rather crawl. 

I go crazy when Jason crawls over to me and nuzzles his head into my lap.  Today I asked for a kiss.  He grabbed my cheeks with his tiny soft hands and kissed me.  So adorable!  He will also stand close to me and I try to stay still.

He tries to stand wherever he goes.  Jason smiles and laughs.  He also dances by moving his body side by side. He also has a head tilt move that melts my heart. 

I love my son amazingly much. Jason will soon be 11 months. As much as I love seeing him grow, I'll miss my baby! 

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