Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day

For a week I've been hearing about this major snowstorm. Unless I have no where to go and it melts right away, I do not like snow. It's cold and makes my ramp very slippery. My favorite thing about it is its quiet falling and how pretty the trees look.

Snow began falling around 6pm last night.  I'm off teaching every Friday so my student wasn't affected. I went to college at Edinboro University, right in the middle of a snow belt. I'm no stranger to it but I'm not a fan.  

Laura's school canceled classes around 8:45. Jeff turned her alarm off and she was fast asleep. Even though I was thrilled to sleep in and spend time with my daughter, I felt annoyed because she was getting bored here over break.

Her alarm goes off at 6:40 but not today. At 7:20, I heard a little knock on my door. I welcomed her in and gave her the news. She had an enormous smile across her cute petite face.  

We played and made some art until Jeff bought Jason out. She was happy to play with her brother. They are 6.5 years apart but have a remarkable bond.  Jeff did snow removal.

My aide made it in and it was a nice cozy day.  Within my twelve years having attendants, snow meant call outs.  I'm lucky to have aides very close and reliable. Unfortunately, CP doesn't stop for snow. But of course we don't want anyone getting hurt coming in. It's a double edge sword.

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