Tablets and dog food

Hello January!  Jason has made another milestone today. He can now go from sitting to crawling to sitting again.  These baby milestones are terrific and a blessing to watch. He always looks at you with a proud look. He's also likes crawling into the kitchen to find the dog food.  When he's in there, he also likes to babble to hear himself babble.

Laura returns to school tomorrow. It's bittersweet because I hate to see her go. Selfishly, I hate the thought of getting into my chair and entering the cold air. However, I know mentally she's ready to get back into learning.

I told Laura not to brag about getting an iPad because some kids aren't as fortunate. Also, no one likes a constant bragger.  She said, "Don't worry, mom. I don't brag and most everyone has tablets!" I said when I was your age, I had a tablet of paper and crayons.  She just shook her head.


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