Tuesday, February 18, 2014

11 month Jason

It seems like yesterday I was about to go into labor. Now he will soon be a whole year old. Challenges have happened but mostly great joys. I'm one very lucky mommy!

Jason has a natural draw to cars. His favorite toy is a race car that I got him when he was about 5 months old. He pushes it all over and now even the walls making car sounds. We also have a fisher price car that he likes going in and out of. Often he goes in head first!

It's hard to say what his first word was or is. He's been saying mama for months. Up until recently, he hasn't connected it to me but is beginning to. He does say Laura quite clear though. He says, "Oh wow!" He also says Hi! Jason will mimic you so must be careful what you say.  Jason will wave to you.

Jason will do so big with his arms when you ask him how big he is. He also tilts his head to the side when saying "aw!"  He likes to clap, dance and make noises.

He sleeps just about all night and takes two naps. The second one is getting shorter. He enjoys sitting in his crib making noises and playing.

Jason gave up baby food when we went to Mexico and eats whatever we eat, just small bites. Jason isn't very picky with food.

He has two bottom teeth and his top two is coming in. Jason can walk with his dinosaur walker and other walker toy but not independently.  No rush though. He's an excellent crawler and pulls himself up anywhere on anything.

Jason seems amused by my wheelchair. He watches closely when I get in and out.  He smiles when I drive around and I know he will need to learn very early not to touch my joystick. 

He loves going out and about. He looks all around. In Mexico, he did great. He missed his carpeted floor and spacious crib though.

Jason does know the word "no" and we try not to overuse it so it keeps the importance. For the most part, he will stop. But like every kid, he sometimes looks back at you with a mischievous smile and continue his task. Then re direction. 
All I can say is this year flew by and can't believe he will be one on Thursday. Everyday is a blessing.

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  1. Hi my name is Taylor. I am 15 years old and I have CP too. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I love babies and would love to have my own some day. I read your posts whenever you put them on. I even love to go back through your older ones. My mom has a blog but I do not. Maybe someday. You can see pictures of me there is you want to. Her blog is called The Pebble Pond. I am the one in the wheelchair. :)