6 tips on parenting a toddler

As Jason is more mobile and entering into walking, I need to step up my game. Like every baby his age, he wants to and should explore the world. However, the world isn't the safest place all of the time.  

When I'm on the floor with him, I have the ability to see what he sees. So I can spot that tiny paper someone dropped or a penny easily. When I took infant CPR, the instructor told me the best thing to do was prevention of choking. 

I'm limited to one semi working arm and one even less. I can crawl though and pretty fast at grabbing him. He is average weight for his age but Laura was always below average so lifting her was easy.  With him, I work my muscles a bit more. I can do it though.

Safety is always first. So when I grab him, I put my arm around his waist and as gently as I can, sit him down. Jason will try again and again to go after whatever it is but every time I sit him back down. Being consistent is key. If you aren't consistent at a young age, discipline will only get harder as they age.

I stay away from plopping him in front of a TV. TV as a babysitter is a waste in precious time and brain cells.  We read, sing, play with toys and tickle. Children don't need TV. They need love and attention. 

I don't like to overuse the word no. Jason understands it means stop but if I overuse the word, the meaning fades or he will block it out. I try to re direct as possible and show him all the fun stuff he can do. 

Losing your temper on any child shows weakness in you and not them. They are just figuring things out. I never yell at him. A firm no and re direction is all that is usually necessary. If he hits or bites, then I put myself or him out of the situation and say no. I try to show him alternatives to bad attention getters.

As a parent with a disability, you can't just give up and let others parent. Creativity, patience and being consistent have always worked for me. Not everyday is easy. Parenting is hard work but the better the foundation now, the easier when they are 2, 4 or even 14.


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