Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dark Wednesday full of blessings

Around 2am Wednesday, our power went out again. We hoped that it would return by the time we woke. No such luck. Laura's school canceled again due to the ice and snow mix. At first it was a two hour delay but then they canceled due to power outages. 

My attendant couldn't make it due to the roads.  Afterwards is when I knew I am truly blessed. Jeff quickly jumped into action. He got right up,  gave Jason a bottle and went to the hardware store to buy a generator at 7am. He was extremely smart to do so because he got the only one they had. 

Laura snuggled with me to keep warm in bed.  We sang and talked.  We pretended that the bed was a boat and our animals were sea creatures.  Jason slept  extra long and was amused by Laura so Jeff could set up the generator. 

After Jeff plugged in some of the electronics and heater,  we all went out to the living room. The rest of the time blurred.  Jeff and my Dad trying to hook up our heater to generator. My kids were amazing.  They both played quietly.  Before I knew it,  it was two o'clock. 

I ordered us lunch and even though they couldn't figure it out with the heater quite yet,  it felt somewhat warm.  Jeff kept the generator going. He tried ways to hook it up and got our tv and Internet up. 

I sat on the couch and Jeff made me hot chocolate and covered me with a blanket. The hot chocolate was delicious. My friend brought over vegetable beef soup and another friend brought over spaghetti. 

My dad took Laura to his house. Jeff tried to convince our neighbors to come get warm.  They are older but wouldn't. I prayed that they would be ok. It went down into the high teens at night. 

We took showers before bed.  We have hot water still.  It felt like a hot tub outside. After getting Jason all warm,  we snuggled in bed hoping power would come back during the night. It didn't   

I'm blessed because my husband worked nonstop on the house,  power,   Jason,  my care and everything else. My children were angels. Very cooperative and calm. My friends who prayed and gave us food.  Family for helping Jeff set everything up. How can I complain? 

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