Friday, February 21, 2014

Disabled at birth compared to later in life

I started a new feature on my blog Facebook fan page. Ask me a question and I'll blog my opinion or answer. 

Today I was asked about the differences between having a disability all your life compared to later in life. It's an interesting question. I can only give my opinion but a great idea for research for another article.

Sometimes I feel people who were disabled later on and those from birth are in different social groups. They have entire different perspective compared to others. They know what it felt like to be free of impairment. It must be very difficult having those memories. I, on the other hand, can only imagine.

I notice that those who were disabled later, celebrate anniversaries of disability onset. I just celebrate my birthday. CP is all I ever have known. I try to imagine otherwise but sometimes pretending just gives me a heart ache. I don't think I want to celebrate having CP.

There has only been a few times I've felt like this. Some people who had later onset feel superior to those who have had it since onset. Not many (so please don't yell at me) but definitely some. Some also seem to have more self pity. I can't say I blame them since they have had a taste of freedom. 

On the other hand, I think those who were disabled later have more of a going to try to walk again or live an active life more attitude. This could be because they know what they are missing and want to have it back!

Either way, we are all in the same boat and face many of the same challenges. The best thing to do is to keep pushing through and living life to be happy plus make your mark. 

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