Getting into the routine of being in the dark

By Friday, living without power was becoming normal, somewhat. Laura had off due to conferences so that was one thing we didn't need to worry about. However, she had her Princess Ball that night.

The Princess Ball is a dance at her school. The girls get dressed up and go with an adult of their choice. Laura also took her cousin.  It went off without a hitch. 

Our neighbors finally conceded and came to sleep at our house. They are without power too and no heat. We invited them Wednesday and Thursday but kept refusing. The wife was worried about our privacy. We continued to push and they finally came. 

I heard wonderful stories of neighborly love but also not so great stories. Some with disabilities being abandoned in their homes.  Elderly who are widowed and alone almost freezing to death. 

In my community, a shelter was set up. We would have went if we didn't have heat hooked up through a generator. I heard awesome volunteers and members donating enough food that it could be donated to the food bank. 

One of my biggest fears is one day I'll be alone and in a similar situation. I hope I'm never too proud to take the help. Having a disability makes it more complicated but hopefully people will still reach out. 

My neighbors enjoyed my children, watching the Olympics and heat!  They stayed three more nights. Even though our power is back on,  we will miss their company as well. 


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