Happy Birthday, Jason!!

Jason turned one officially at 7:50am on February 20. Laura woke up so excited it was Jason's birthday. I love how she loves him so much! Jason was awake anyway so I let her take his helium balloons in his room with his bottle. She was happy to see him before she left for school.

We planned to take Jason to the Elmwood Zoo for his birthday. It's a small zoo about a half hour away. The weather was warm for a change. So after my friend and I picked up his cake, we all went to the zoo. Unfortunately, the zoo was closed!!!

We all mainly laughed at the situation but found it annoying. We then went to King of Prussia mall. Jason enjoys walking around and looking at stuff. He was happy! He even said "ma ma da da!"
Then we went to Palmeros pizza for lunch and topped it off at Mix Berry frozen yogurt. They just opened and very tasty. 

That night we had cake. But guess what? Jason wasn't interested. He ate green beans instead!!

Jason liked his gifts and slept great that night. Now onto his second year of life! Laura  drew a picture for him at school. Her friends even signed it. 


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