Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our snowy Monday

This week could have been horrible. But it wasn't. 

On Monday, we had an early morning power outage. Jeff delayed his job because he didn't want to leave me alone with the kids and no power. Then due a snow storm, I received a call that Laura's school canceled. 

So I texted my attendant and she wasn't comfortable driving in. Jeff contacted his job,  explained the situation and they were understanding. We ate breakfast before the kids awoke. We all did work around the house in one way or the other. All was going great.  

Then the power went out again. This time it wasn't a half hour,  or a few hours.  It never came back!  Jeff took care of the snow removal and I did my best entertaining the kids.  

By six,  we decided to go out to dinner. Jeff called PECO and they said we were one out of eleven still without power and it could take up to 7am the next  day. 

We went to dinner and prayed power would come back. The first restaurant we tried was closed.  The next one had us and plow people.  It was tasty food though. 

We came back home and were sad to see a very dark home.  It was then made the choice to go to a hotel. Jeff and Laura went inside to gather what we needed and I stayed in with Jason. 

We stayed at a Motel 6 and pleasantly surprised how nice it was.  The kids took a bath.  Then Jeff and I got the giggles and could not stop laughing. It was fun. 

The next morning we got everybody together. Laura's school had a two hour delay so that helped us not be so crazy.   And we said good bye to the hotel and hello to power for a little while. 

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