Princess Ball for Laura

It has been a week of no power. However, life doesn't stop. Friday was the Princess Ball at Laura's school. Last year she went with Jeff and had a fabulous time. This year she took my dad and cousin.

My neighbor always gives us clothes for the kids. They do not have grandchildren so Laura and Jason are their adopted ones. They give Laura beautiful dresses. She wore one to the ball.

Laura didn't have school Thursday or Friday due to conferences.  Jeff took her to see the Leggo movie during the day. When they came home, she ate food and I had her gather her dress and tights.

We ran to Kmart to get better fitting shoes. Her school asked for more cups so I quickly picked them up too. I was concerned that we would be late for her hair appointment because check out took forever!

We made it just in time.  I had her put everything on before doing her hair. She looked beautiful even before her hair was done. I felt nervous again because the hair place was running behind. But it all turned out fine.

They curled her hair, and I felt slightly bad that I couldn't do it myself. I'd love to do her hair. I'd braid it, curl it anything. My mom wasn't very good with my hair and I was jealous of the girls with braids and cute hair. I try the best I can by teaching her how to do the best she can. 

Everything went great and looked wonderful.  


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