Thursday just got better

Waking up Thursday we were disappointed to see no power. Jeff had to run some errands early. He came back,  re routed heat to living room and my attendant arrived. 

Laura had her parent teacher conference at 10.  Jeff could not go due to work but my dad said he would go with me.  Well,  long story short, he took Laura himself due to ice and my wheelchair. I was ok with that because she has such great grades that I didn't expect any issues. 

Jeff was also not able to get to work due to down wires,  trees,  and closed roads.  He tried though. 

The morning dragged a bit after Jason's nap. We couldn't do the normal cleaning,  laundry and all other stuff. When Laura returned and Jason woke up,  we took them to Kmart and Burger King. It was the warmest I felt during the day in awhile. 

When we came home, Jeff and my dad figured out a way to hook our main heater to the generator. Jeff tidied wires up etc. We finally started to feel normal. We had dinner and watched television before bed.  I also was able to  write blogs on my ipad. 

The most annoying part is not being able to vacuum, clean as normal, be able to go in rooms freely with lights and heat etc. We do have the bare necessities and cozy though. 


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