Valentine's day 2014

I love St.  Valentine's Day. Pink is my favorite color and love is amazing. It's a great day. 

Laura had off from school due to yet another snow storm.  As I slid out of bed,  Jeff wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. He already gave me my gift.  A 24k rose. I love roses. 

He said the golden rose symbolizes his forever love for me.  Very romantic and sweet! 

Laura was already in the living room.  I wished her a Happy Valentine's Day. I gave her a present. She got books and a little singing monkey.  She was very happy. 

After Jason woke,  we gave him his present. It was a car and truck.  He goes, "vroom, vroom, vroom,"  when he pushes cars. 

I gave Jeff cologne and card. He told me I already gave him everything he ever wanted. Again,  very sweet. 

After lunch,  I gave Laura a special dessert of chocolate hearts and chocolate covered cherries. She enjoyed it. 

The rest of the day was playing with the kids,  cleaning, organizing and watching Laura at karate. It was actually warm out - about 40. My dad picked Laura up at karate. 

I came home to a delicious meal made by Jeff. Italian chicken, spinach, bread and egg. Yummy! 

We watched the Olympics and played with a happy Jason.   A happy day! 


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