Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine ideas

Valentine's Day isn't just for romance. It's about love. Family is love and we can express the love for family in many ways. Holidays are fun so instead of calling it a Hallmark holiday, get creative and make a lasting memory. 

Decorate your children's bedroom door with hearts. Not just any hearts but hearts with sayings on them.  Put sayings on them on what you love about them.  Put one on the door each day until Valentine's Day or even all of February. 

Fill a jar with pink, red and white M&Ms. You can put a note on the jar saying something sweet to the ones you love.  Or you can also fill the jar with red hot candy and write, "For my hot one!"  I suggest making sure they like red hots first though!

Use food to do the talking. Make heart shaped pancakes, pizza, cookies and more. Let your imagination go wild!  Don't forget the use of red food coloring.

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