Family update

I feel horrible when I don't blog for a few days. People do not like a neglected blog. I'll update you what's going on. 

I learned even more people think Jeff is a rock star. A week ago, we attended a funeral for one of my husband's clients. Jeff worked as a home health aide for a well respected doctor. He, unfortunately, passed away and Jeff was a selected few that was by his side his final hours.  I heard many stories about how great Jeff was and the family appreciated everything Jeff did. I felt very proud of him. As a result, he decided to become a nurse!

Laura earned her green band at the YMCA. She can swim without an adult being with her. We are proud of her!

On Sunday night, Laura talked about her biological father. My heart fell out of my chest.  I hate seeing her so sad but she has every right to be. She was sad she doesn't remember what he looks like, sounds like etc. I can only do so much.  It's hard with details because I just can't bring myself to tell her he did it on purpose. Yet all the other details draws to that conclusion. I support her talking about him though because that is her way of mourning and grieving. Just as a mom, it takes everything out of me.

Jason had fun at his first story time/play time. He was shy at first but quickly found the box of cars.  It was so cute to watch him.  He's growing up.  

On Monday morning, I woke up with pain. My back felt like a raw nerve was getting hit over and over again. I dealt with it up until Thursday. Jason had a doctor appointment and I made one too. It's nice we all go to the same practice. Jason had a great check up. He's growing normally and healthy. He is 23.6 pounds.

I have a mega muscle spasm from my neck down my back. He put me on steroids, muscle relaxers and ordered physical therapy. The medicine is working. It leaves me exhausted though but my pain has decreased.

So with Jeff's career change, I admit it's been stressful. What schedule would work? What school? When and where? Essays, applications, meetings etc. I'm not good at change and worry about the stress of exams, studying and family life But I do feel he will be a good nurse and work schedules will work well. I just need to breathe.


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