One year Jason

Jason is a learning, social and on the go little boy. I am filled with joy every morning when I see his little face. He is learning constantly and just being amazing.

Jason is a very fast crawler. You here him coming with his happy crawling breath. He isn't walking on his own, but walks so well with his walker. He has learned how to steer it. Jason used to just push it into a wall and sit down to crawl away. Now he maneuvers down the hallway etc. He follows the person vaccuuming too with his walker.

He says words here and there. "Oh Wow!" " uh oh" Jason can call for his sister and say Boo! He knows the names of our animals. 

I love sitting on the floor and playing with him. He will hug and kiss me.  We play with cars, blocks, tops and all his toys. He likes to hug his octopus he just got from his grandmother for his birthday. I've seen him put toys back in their bin. Jason will sit now for more than two seconds to look at a book. 

Jason is a very good eater. He tries everything and usually like it. He's not big on cake though. He loves to eat chicken, green beans, blueberry muffins and raisins. He likes ice and Greek yogurt.

Jason tries to drive my wheelchair. But what amazes me is that he will listen when we say no for the most part. He will sit down. He might complain and I saw a few short tantrums but nothing horrible yet.

He sleeps all night and takes one 2-3 hour after lunch nap. Jason enjoys going to the library for play and story time. He goes right to the car bin. Everyone comments how social and happy he is.

Laura is the best big sister. She's sweet and will help him. She plays very nicely with him too.


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