Party time with my kids

Tonight Jeff had to leave for business for an hour or so. I got to spend time with my kids alone. Laura immediately lights up! She remembers when Jeff had to work late and I put her to bed herself, I made it fun. We had chocolate parties.  

It consisted of eating a few pieces of chocolate, dancing and being silly. Tonight she was excited to introduce Jason to the fun. After Jeff left, I helped her with homework. I put music on and we danced as we finished homework. Jason was dancing too.

When homework was complete, she got gold fish and some chocolate.  Jason ate gold fish and we had sine chocolate. We talked and enjoyed Jason. He loves to walk with his walker. We just know that anyday now he's going to make that giant leap forward himself. But in the meantime, we are quite happy to see him develop at his own speed.

I love watching my kids grow and have fun. I pray that they will look back at their childhood with great memories.


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