Son of God

On Friday the movie, Son of God came out in theaters. I felt reluctant because I knew it was going to be emotional. CP and high emotions are a hard mix. I can't contain myself easily when hit with heavy emotions.

Jeff and I went and now I'm excited to see it again. The movie made me feel like I was watching the life of my best friend. But of course it was! Jesus is truly my ultimate best friend. He loves me even when I behave in ways He probably would not approve of.

The scenery is beautiful and music outstanding. I heard the story of the Passion several times but seeing everything put it in perspective. Yes, there were hard parts to witness. Some I had to look at the floor for a minute or two. But don't let that deter you. It's worth it even if you are a sensitive person. 

Seeing Mary watch her Son being beat and crucified ripped my heart. Having children,especially a son, I just can't imagine going through that. Mary believed in Him though and was with Jesus all of the time.

I cannot say enough about the ending. In previous movies about Jesus, the ending seemed quite quick. They often show the resurrection for a minute and end. Not the movie, Son of God. The ending left you uplifted and ready time share the Good News that Jesus remains in control. 

The movie is rated PG 13 and I agree with the rating. I'd love to have my daughter see parts of it but it reałly is too violent for someone younger than 13.

One scene struck me odd.  I'm not a Bible expert but I know the New Testament pretty well. When they were going to get the crowd to decide who they were going to set free, they only let those in that didn't know Jesus or like Him. I thought it was everybody that was in the area according to the Bible.

One thing is for sure, believers and nonbelievers should go see the Son of God. It's excellent. 


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