Weekend of relaxation and promotion

This weekend has been pleasant. My attendant couldn't make it Friday so we made it a family day.  Laura had a half day so Jeff, Jason and I picked her up. We went shopping and lunch.  We went to Uno pizza and Laura made her own pizza. She thought it was so cool!  Jeff and I got a laugh out of it because she normally doesn't like pizza. I guess when you make it yourself, it tastes better. 

The rest of the day I sat on the couch.  You see I sit in a horrid position to type. It's called the W position and it's bad on your hips.  My physical therapist said if I want to stop the pain I need to not sit that way.

Jeff and I started the series Dowton Abbey in between nap time and after bed time for kids.  We enjoy it. It's a good story!

Today we went to Charlestown sale, goodwill.  After coming home, I helped Jeff study for a test for nursing school. 

I've been trying to promote my contest for the van but gets hard with a sore hip.  I have friends helping me so that's awesome. 

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