Monday, April 28, 2014

A toddler is good physical, speech and occupational therapy

Jason is now 14 months old. He walks all over and is fast! My attendant and I laugh as we race to the bathroom in the morning to get me ready. We have a difficult time beating him in sometimes. 

For someone with cerebral palsy, therapy is great! In my busy schedule, I have a hard time fitting in gym time. But lately, Jason keeps me moving.  Most of the time I'm on the floor with him. Luckily, I'm still flexible enough to be on the floor. I need to be careful that I do not sit in the W position too long though.

I'm chasing him, following him, playing with him or wrestling with him.  He is active and likes to be on the move. Laura was active too but differently. She wanted me to read nonstop, do puzzles and even art at one.  Jason will sit two minutes for a book and has no time for puzzles right now. Laura also weighed half of him at one so she was easy for me to maneuver. Jason definitely makes me stronger!

Jeff has done an outstanding job making our main living area safe for Jason.  We believe in teaching him no but also want him to be comfortable in his own house. I think we are doing a good balance.

He is good for speech. I say things as clear as possible. I do this so he knows the words and understands what is expected. Jason is getting better at listening to me but I wouldn't be comfortable alone outside yet. I remember teaching Laura early to hold on to my armrest as we walk. I need to encourage that with Jason.

Jason is great for occupational therapy. He has these toys that require some fine motor control. I play and work with his toys along with him. We are both learning and enjoying.

But most of all, Jason is excellent for hugging and kisses. He will just walk up to you and kiss you. Or he comes up and leans into you with his head to your shoulder. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Busy Saturday leads to fun times

Family time is precious. With two kids growing fast, I want to squeeze in the moments.  On Friday, we did things around the house and it was just a somber time.

On Saturday, we woke up early. All were showered, dressed and out the door by 9:15! Jeff's friend's wife organized an Easter Egg hunt by their house. They live about 40 minutes away.

The only bad part was Jason and I weren't quite feeling good. But we weren't bad enough to cancel.  Laura started out in a cranky mood but then cheered up. She did great at the hunt. Jason isn't into it at all so he watched. Jason is amazing. He can make the best of most situations and is happy.

The park had a play set and a big grassy area. Jason learned how to walk for the first time in grass. He enjoyed playing and rolling around with Laura and Liam (our friend's 2 year old son.)  Jason first kept touching the grass without standing. Then Laura came over and showed him walking in it was ok. Then he walked.

After a little picnic, conversation and playing we said goodbye and headed to Walmart. We got Jason sneakers and sandals. The sneakers are orange and grey. They look lots like his Daddy's sneakers.  Laura got lost for a few minutes and learned a valuable lesson to call my name.

Jeff and I decided to go to Shady Maple. We were only 15min away from it. The only problem was both kids fell fast asleep. So we drove and talked for a bit to give them rest. 

Shady Maple is a huge smorgasbord in Lancaster. I've been going there with my family since I was a little girl. Going there flooded my mind with memories of my late grandmother. She enjoyed taking my family and aunt plus cousins twice a year or so.  They have a huge gift shop that we always looked around.

We went at a perfect time. It was crowded but not overly. When we left, the line was extremely long.  Jeff has to get my food, his and Jason's because it's a buffet style. Jason ate very well and behaved wonderfuƂly. Laura ate ok.  We went to the gift shop afterwards. Jeff got Jason a John Deere tractor and I got Laura a toy.  

Laura was surprised how another kid could complain about a parent not spending $25 on a toy. She has a great value of money.

Shortly after going home, we all went to bed to relax and gear up for the next day ! The Easter bunny had to come.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Holiness and cuteness

I was to have my feet washed during Holy Thursday Mass. I was a bit nervous about it because of my spastic movements and I'm ticklish. But it's an honor to be asked and felt like God wanted me to. He likes to give me little challenges to overcome.

I wore my sneaker sandals to make life easier. My dad, daughter and nephew came.  Jeff wanted to bring Jason but Jason wasn't feeling himself. So we agreed he should stay home.

Again, I'm so glad I was asked because I probably wouldn't have gone.  It's not a Holy Day of Obligation and sadly, things like those get pushed aside way too much. The homily that the visiting priest gave was great and inspiring. It's pretty amazing really because mainly he talked about why he loved being a priest.

He put things in perspective from a priest point of view. He loves being a priest because he loves helping others. So enthusiastic and happy. I wish everyone felt the same.

When they called us forward, I went to the altar and sat with everyone else. My dad slipped off my sandal beforehand. I did fine and felt an intense feeling of, "oh my goodness, Jesus did this!" He still is by helping us daily.

Tonight Laura was very cute. She told me she hopes to get a certain toy so I don't have to spend money. She's a very caring and thoughtful person. She's also honest.  I'm very blessed to have Jason and Laura!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jason walking, Laura learning

Jason has officially started walking at 13 months.  One day he decided to take a few steps, then he walked a few more to my dad, and then all on his own. So far, it's not been much harder for me to care for him yet. I just find it so cute to see him accomplish new things.

Jason does like to sit on me,kiss me and the newest thing is lifting up my shirt and kissing my back.  He is usually a good little boy except he is obsessed with trying to turn on my wheelchair, drive it, and climb into it.  Jason still likes playing with cars. Now his favorite toy is a red fire truck made by green toys. He just pushes it everywhere. 

Jason also recognized stuffed animals and gives them hugs plus kisses.  It is cute to hear him go, "aww!"

Laura has been doing some amazing things as well. She likes to work ahead in her math and reading homework. The school uses Raz Kids and she loved it. She has also earned up a level in her swimming lessons.  Laura has been in swim lessons since 2 and it's great watching her tackle new challenges. In June, she has a karate test and maybe will be an orange belt. 

Laura is definitely a learner. She enjoys figuring things out on her own. I think she rather read non fiction than fiction. In the morning, she will help me get Jason out of his crib if he is awake. She gets a kick of him watching her getting on the bus. When she leaves, he says "uh oh!"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 facts of life

I've learned some tough facts to swallow this last month.

1. Jesus has taught us to love everyone and be caring. However, He didn't force people to like Him. It's the same now. When people seem to care and have your back, and then make it obvious that they don't. Believe their actions, wish them well and put energy to those who care.

2. Nitro gas makes me cry.

3. My husband does love me more than I realize. Hopefully one day, I'll get it.

4. Every dark cloud moves away to sun. Just be patient enough to see it.

5. Children grow up too quick and parents age too quickly.

6. Even though I'm not allowed to write as much as I want to due to my hips, I'm still productive as ever.

7. Healthy teeth are so important.

8. We do make our own destiny. Don't be lazy and waste time.

9. Being nice is so much easier than mean. Why do so many choose to be mean?

10. Know your self worth and let the true you shine through. Just make sure you like yourself first.

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