Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 facts of life

I've learned some tough facts to swallow this last month.

1. Jesus has taught us to love everyone and be caring. However, He didn't force people to like Him. It's the same now. When people seem to care and have your back, and then make it obvious that they don't. Believe their actions, wish them well and put energy to those who care.

2. Nitro gas makes me cry.

3. My husband does love me more than I realize. Hopefully one day, I'll get it.

4. Every dark cloud moves away to sun. Just be patient enough to see it.

5. Children grow up too quick and parents age too quickly.

6. Even though I'm not allowed to write as much as I want to due to my hips, I'm still productive as ever.

7. Healthy teeth are so important.

8. We do make our own destiny. Don't be lazy and waste time.

9. Being nice is so much easier than mean. Why do so many choose to be mean?

10. Know your self worth and let the true you shine through. Just make sure you like yourself first.

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