A toddler is good physical, speech and occupational therapy

Jason is now 14 months old. He walks all over and is fast! My attendant and I laugh as we race to the bathroom in the morning to get me ready. We have a difficult time beating him in sometimes. 

For someone with cerebral palsy, therapy is great! In my busy schedule, I have a hard time fitting in gym time. But lately, Jason keeps me moving.  Most of the time I'm on the floor with him. Luckily, I'm still flexible enough to be on the floor. I need to be careful that I do not sit in the W position too long though.

I'm chasing him, following him, playing with him or wrestling with him.  He is active and likes to be on the move. Laura was active too but differently. She wanted me to read nonstop, do puzzles and even art at one.  Jason will sit two minutes for a book and has no time for puzzles right now. Laura also weighed half of him at one so she was easy for me to maneuver. Jason definitely makes me stronger!

Jeff has done an outstanding job making our main living area safe for Jason.  We believe in teaching him no but also want him to be comfortable in his own house. I think we are doing a good balance.

He is good for speech. I say things as clear as possible. I do this so he knows the words and understands what is expected. Jason is getting better at listening to me but I wouldn't be comfortable alone outside yet. I remember teaching Laura early to hold on to my armrest as we walk. I need to encourage that with Jason.

Jason is great for occupational therapy. He has these toys that require some fine motor control. I play and work with his toys along with him. We are both learning and enjoying.

But most of all, Jason is excellent for hugging and kisses. He will just walk up to you and kiss you. Or he comes up and leans into you with his head to your shoulder. 


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