Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Busy Saturday leads to fun times

Family time is precious. With two kids growing fast, I want to squeeze in the moments.  On Friday, we did things around the house and it was just a somber time.

On Saturday, we woke up early. All were showered, dressed and out the door by 9:15! Jeff's friend's wife organized an Easter Egg hunt by their house. They live about 40 minutes away.

The only bad part was Jason and I weren't quite feeling good. But we weren't bad enough to cancel.  Laura started out in a cranky mood but then cheered up. She did great at the hunt. Jason isn't into it at all so he watched. Jason is amazing. He can make the best of most situations and is happy.

The park had a play set and a big grassy area. Jason learned how to walk for the first time in grass. He enjoyed playing and rolling around with Laura and Liam (our friend's 2 year old son.)  Jason first kept touching the grass without standing. Then Laura came over and showed him walking in it was ok. Then he walked.

After a little picnic, conversation and playing we said goodbye and headed to Walmart. We got Jason sneakers and sandals. The sneakers are orange and grey. They look lots like his Daddy's sneakers.  Laura got lost for a few minutes and learned a valuable lesson to call my name.

Jeff and I decided to go to Shady Maple. We were only 15min away from it. The only problem was both kids fell fast asleep. So we drove and talked for a bit to give them rest. 

Shady Maple is a huge smorgasbord in Lancaster. I've been going there with my family since I was a little girl. Going there flooded my mind with memories of my late grandmother. She enjoyed taking my family and aunt plus cousins twice a year or so.  They have a huge gift shop that we always looked around.

We went at a perfect time. It was crowded but not overly. When we left, the line was extremely long.  Jeff has to get my food, his and Jason's because it's a buffet style. Jason ate very well and behaved wonderfułly. Laura ate ok.  We went to the gift shop afterwards. Jeff got Jason a John Deere tractor and I got Laura a toy.  

Laura was surprised how another kid could complain about a parent not spending $25 on a toy. She has a great value of money.

Shortly after going home, we all went to bed to relax and gear up for the next day ! The Easter bunny had to come.

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