Holiness and cuteness

I was to have my feet washed during Holy Thursday Mass. I was a bit nervous about it because of my spastic movements and I'm ticklish. But it's an honor to be asked and felt like God wanted me to. He likes to give me little challenges to overcome.

I wore my sneaker sandals to make life easier. My dad, daughter and nephew came.  Jeff wanted to bring Jason but Jason wasn't feeling himself. So we agreed he should stay home.

Again, I'm so glad I was asked because I probably wouldn't have gone.  It's not a Holy Day of Obligation and sadly, things like those get pushed aside way too much. The homily that the visiting priest gave was great and inspiring. It's pretty amazing really because mainly he talked about why he loved being a priest.

He put things in perspective from a priest point of view. He loves being a priest because he loves helping others. So enthusiastic and happy. I wish everyone felt the same.

When they called us forward, I went to the altar and sat with everyone else. My dad slipped off my sandal beforehand. I did fine and felt an intense feeling of, "oh my goodness, Jesus did this!" He still is by helping us daily.

Tonight Laura was very cute. She told me she hopes to get a certain toy so I don't have to spend money. She's a very caring and thoughtful person. She's also honest.  I'm very blessed to have Jason and Laura!


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